Ulysses SA Winelands

Ulysses Winelands

Re-inauguration of Winelands

It is with great pleasure that we wish to announce the re-inauguration
of the Winelands Chapter. Our first meeting was held on 16th September 2014.

Certificate of establishment

Brian Duffield (President) and Hannelie Duffield (Treasurer) receiving the Certificate of Establishment for the Winelands Chapter from Mauritius Meiring, National President at the time.

Our first official ride

On Sunday the 12th October we as the "Winelands Chapter" had our first official ride to De Doorns, where we had breakfast at the "Veldskoen Padstal".

We were 9 Bikes and 14 people; here are some of the comments of the members.

"Thank you Ulysses Winelands! Great ride Ian...! Till next time, 'ride it like u stole it' ..." Graham & Lani Fernandez

"Same here Graham, your turn next time!! Thank you Ian. Thanks all other members, Brian & Hannelie well done. Winelands up and running" Hein Rautenbach (Vice President).

"What a ride, super company. Ian, I see your Afrikaans is coming along" Hannelie Duffield (Treasurer)

"I think we sometimes underestimate the value of good friendships and quality riding companions. It makes me happy to lead and be part of this team. Well done to the men that brought their wives along to share the great experience" Brian Duffield (President).