Ulysses Sunshine Coast

Ulysses Sunshine Coast

Date established: February 2020

It is with great pleasure that Natcom inaugurated the Sunshine Coast Chapter, Port Alfred, with 11 members on 9 February 2020.

Members from East London, Port Elizabeth and Queenstown attended the function, making 60 Ulyssessians.

Below is an article "New biker’s association for the older motorcyclists" by Rob Knowles celebrating the event, that appeared in the local newspaper – Talk of the Town – February 11, 2020.

LEADERS OF THE PACK: (Picture by Rob Knowles)
The Ulysses Motorcycle Association members who attended the admittance of Sunshine Coast (Port Alfred) to become a member, handed over the certificate and other paraphernalia to the Chapter. The atmosphere was very festive on Sunday when the new chapter of the Ulysses Motorcycle Association Port Alfred was opened at R72 Saloon.

Four of the association’s national executive attended the event, namely treasurer Leon Roux, secretary Julian Middleton, national president Hannes Wentzel and vice president Jan Pitter. Port Alfred’s Ulysses president, Jurie Erasmus, was very pleased that so many Ulysses members from other affiliated clubs in Port Elizabeth, East London and Queenstown attended.