John Buckler, President of the first Ulysses National Committee - 5 January 2014
Dear Jill,

It was with great sadness that I heard via Alan Vosloo that John had passed on! I know that he was fighting a brave battle because he told me so when I last spoke to him but I am, nevertheless, still shocked and saddened by his loss.

Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family. People have all these fancy things to say at a time like this  such as … time will heal etc., but I know that that is not really true. You will always miss him, the pain and longing might become less, but will always be there.

All I can say is that you will be in my prayers!!! May you find strength and compassion through your family and friends.

I often think back with fond memories to the good old Ulysses times we all had together. John, Rodney, Don Glass and myself headed up the Ulysses National team with Penny, and we did a great job. We built Ulysses up to become a strong organization. It took a lot of  hard work and  determination, but then John never shied away from any of  that. The rallies at Colesberg were well attended and enjoyed by all.

John was a strong leader in his quiet way and I enjoyed working with him.

We also had a good many rides together and had lots of fun and parties in the process. Many of these rides I wrote about and have them in my album to read over and over again!

John, you were a great guy, a great friend and a great motorcyclist!!!!!  You will be missed by all!!! Ride steady on your Harley and keep a place for me in your pack, it will be an honour to ride next to you again ….someday!!!!

With love and sadness

Yours sincerely ----- Willem Breitenbach
(Treasurer of the first Ulysses National Committee)
Ivan van Rooyen, Klerksdorp Chapter - 29 September 2013
It is with the proverbial "lump-in-the-throat" that I have to announce the sudden death of Ivan van Rooyen, who was tragically killed in an aircraft accident at the Klerksdorp airfield on Sunday, 29 September 2013.

The only consolation our chapter has is that Ivan died doing what he loved best - flying across the Klerksdorp skies in his own aircraft. A mere week before his accident, I had the privilege of joining him for a thrilling flight on the day of our annual Fun Day.

Rest in Peace, dear friend.
Vernon & members.
Robert (Rusty) Clark, Durban Chapter - 16 January 2013
It is with great Sadness that I advise you all that Robert (Rusty) Clark had a freak accident this morning (16 January 2013) at his Workshop and died.

Our condolences go out to his wife Wendy.

Terry Donnelly, Chairman Ulysses SA Durban Chapter 083 717 6422
Leon "Lopies" Herselman - West Rand Chapter - 16 August 2012
Leon Lopies Herselman It is with a very heavy heart that I write this email, one of our members, Leon "Lopies" Herselman passed away on the afternoon of 16 August 2012 of a suspected heart attack while at home.

Kindly contact Hylton should you wish to send condolences, I will gladly pass them onto Anne.

Funeral Arrangements
22 August 2012 at 13h00
Venue to meet: Martin’s Krugerdorp.
Departing to venue: Moth Hall Roodepoort.
John Peel - Garden Route Chapter - 11 July 2012
John Peel John Peel was an active member of Ulysses and will be sadly missed by all who knew him and it is with sadness that we heard of his passing in Oudtshoorn Hospital, after a short illness. It appears that John's illness had something to do with Renal failure!

Trix apologises for not having kept the Garden Route chapter informed of John being admitted into hospital, but she felt that as John was weak, very confused and would not have been able to receive visitors.

John is being cremated "immediately" as Trix put it, she & John's son's would like to have an occasion to celebrate his life, rather than a ceremony to mourn his passing. There is the likelihood that this will be a family affair.
Andre Holtzhausen, Ex Pretoria Chapter Member - 28 June 2012
Andre Holtzhausen and his wife Vivienne were members of Pretoria Chapter since 2007 and then became unaffiliated members when they moved to Grootbrakrivier. Andre was suffering from a virulent form of cancer and unfortunately we have now been advised that he passed away last night, 28 June 2012.
If you would like to send Vivienne condolences this is the email address on record.
Dave Rushman, Pretoria Chapter - 19 June 2012
Dave Rushman - member of Pretoria chapter passed away on 19 June 2012 after suffering a heart attack.

Kindly contact Leon should you wish to send condolences.

Natcom members and Penny would like to record our condolences to Dave's family, friends and fellow members.

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