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Ulysses KZN South Coast

Established: 21 January 2012

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Official launch of KZN South Coast Chapter, Ulysses SA

The KZN South Coast Chapter of Ulysses was officially launched on Saturday 21 January 2012 in Trafalgar on the KZN South Coast. The event, in the form of a Day Jol, was very well supported by the local clubs as well as a big contingent of Ulysses riders from Durban, JHB North and Pretoria. Ulysses, The Wild Bunch, Ghost Riders, The Syndicate, The Rejected and Thumpers made up the bulk of the 133 registered bikers and pillions. It is really great to see the local clubs supporting each other's functions in this way and much of the credit for this goes to South Coast Bikers United, an umbrella body that plays a major unifying and co-ordinating role amongst the biker clubs in this region.

The then National President of Ulysses SA, Mauritius Meiring, made the trip down to the coast to present the official certificate proclaiming the Chapter open to Tony (Mac) McMaster, President of the new Chapter. With the official business over the party started in earnest and a Grand Jol was had by all. The band, Braxton Hix, proved very popular and soon had the place bumping and grinding. The venue, Seventh Heaven Bikers Pub and Grill in Trafalgar, is the official clubhouse of Ulysses KZN South Coast and it proved to be ideal as it offered two huge bars, outside braais, a swimming pool and other entertainment areas for those who wanted to get away from the noise for a quiet chat. There was even a pole dancing stage! It didn't see much action but there are great plans for it for next year.

Cleveland Cyclewerks SA and Victory Motorcycles attended the function and brought with them six display and demonstration models. This became a popular hang-out for the day with riders, and their pillions, eager to ride these fantastic bikes. The Cleveland Misfit was unveiled for the first time in South Africa and this inexpensive cafe racer drew a lot of attention.

Most of the folk who gave us feedback on the Jol were very complimentary and the few earnest criticisms we received have been carefully noted for the planning of our 1st Anniversary. The chapter gratefully thanks all our sponsors as well as each and every person that attended. See you at next year's Jol which will be bigger and better.

Story by Chas King
Pictures by Dave Watson - permission given to reproduce.
Ulysses - KZN South Coast

Ulysses SA President, Mauritius Meiring, left, hands the association certificate to KZN South Coast Chapter President Tony (Mac) McMaster
Debbie and Sandee encouraging the guys to take a Victory test ride.
Chas test rides the huge Victory
Des Pistorius arrives with Boswell.
Mac test riding a Cleveland Heist with Craig Johnston from Cleveland Cyclewerks SA
Chucky from The Wild Bunch toasts the birth of a new Chapter.