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Ulysses Jo.Burg South

Chapter Rides

January 2019

October 2018

Took the chapter a while to decide where and when to go for the October chapter ride….which then happened in November 😊

If I took a closer shot, it would have looked like a police lineup! Stuart’s mate Charlie joined for the ride. Jeff did not join - said he is still busy painting????

First stop was Sandwani near Cullinan – good breakfast!

Second stop (it was a hot day) was at Kakiebos. Live Music and more fluid to minimise dehydration.

Yes…Stuart had tea….we worry about him sometimes. The Christmas Lunch has been arranged for December 1 at a Portuguese restaurant in Mulbarton. Everybody is welcome to come join – contact Mike.

Previous Ride

September 2018 - Rossi Bar

During September 2018 the Chapter went to Rossi Bar in Vanderbijlpark

Rossi Bar in Vanderbijlpark

The coffee choices were limited on the day but the breakfast was good.

Outgoing Committee 2015

We had to ask for extra salt for Suzuki Jeff – maybe he will grow up one day.

Outgoing Committee 2015