Ulysses Mpumalanga

Ulysses Hoëveld

Date established

The Hoëveld Chapter, formerly the Bethal Chapter, Mpumalanga, was established on 10 September 2011. We changed our name to Hoëveld Chapter in September 2015.

We celebrated Bethal Chapter's first birthday

We celebrated Bethal Chapter's first birthday

Cake baked by new members Chris and Sue Botha's daughter.
A great time was had by all the members.

Bethal Chapter Members at the 14th Ulysses Rally in East London

Bethal Chapter Members at The 14Th Ulysses Rally in East London 2012

At last - a Chapter in Mpumalanga.

For a few years some of us were riding together with the Pretoria Chapter which enabled us to join the Ulysses members at their National Rallies and at last decided to see what the feeling would be to start a Ulysses Chapter.

We spoke to Mauritius and it was decided to start a chapter in Bethal for the Mpumalanga riders. We came together in September and so a new baby was born.

Our members are from Delmas, Bethal and all the way down to Volksrust. So anyone in this area that wants to join us is more than welcome.

Soos sekere van ons mense te reg sê, ons is meer maats as om net saam te ry en ‘n groep te wees. Ons kom bymekaar om ‘n vleisie te braai, geselsie te maak en sommer net bietjie te kuier en ‘n ritjie te beplan.

Ons eerste GROOT rit as groep sal die National Rally na Oos-Londen wees. Ons as groep is baie opgewonde en sien vreeslik baie uit daarna. Ons beplan om van die rit 'n genot trippie te maak en so 'n bie…tjie langer te kuier in die Kaap.

We really want to be there for each other and to stand by each other. So, if you need a friend indeed, one that will be there in need, phone us and join us.

Ulysses Bethal, now Hoëveld, Chapter - Friends Forever.