Ulysses SA Far East Chapter

Ulysses Far East


16 April 2006


“We were four riders from Brakpan who joined Ulysses Pretoria Chapter in 2000.  The reason why we joined Pretoria is because they were the only Chapter that was available for assistance at the Roodeplaat Dam Rally in 2000.  We rode with Pretoria until the beginning of 2006, but the travelling to Pretoria everytime for rides, meetings, etc. was starting to get a bit much, so we applied to break-away from Pretoria and start our own chapter for riders in the Far East Rand section - which includes Brakpan, Springs, Sundra, Nigel and Heidelberg areas.

When we had to determine a name for our chapter, we did not want to couple it to one specific town and therefore decided to name it the Far East, which would then capture the wider Far East Rand area. Our inauguration meeting was held on 16 April 2006.

In 2008, we joined the East Rand Biker’s President Council and we are now involved with all biking events in the East Rand area.”

Anyone wishing to join our Chapter, is welcome to contact us and we will provide the necessary documentation.



Photographs and reports may be found on the Ulysses Far East Facebook page



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