Ulysses Pretoria


4 July 1999


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Chapter Committee 2017/18

(updated: April 2017)
Chapter President
Jan Putter
Chapter Vice President
Alan Helfrich
Chapter Treasurer
Theo van Graan
Road Captain
Arrie Vermaak
Road Captain
Pieter Steinman
Chapter Gossip Queen
Jenny van Graan
Chapter Charity
Wilna Helfrich

(As adopted and signed at the AGM on 1st February 2009)

7 Membership

7.1 Membership of the Chapter is open to motorcycle enthusiasts, regardless of race, religion, political persuasion, or creed, who have reached the age of forty years.

7.1.1 Membership will only be considered by the committee after 3 months of participation in chapter activities, the attendance of 3 monthly meetings and 2 long runs hosted by the Chapter. The committee's decision will be final.

7.2 Membership shall be open to individuals, and to the partners of individual members who shall be referred to as partner members.

7.3 Partner members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership but not the right to receive separate communication or correspondence.

7.4 Members may belong to any other club or organisation.

7.5 Applications for membership shall be considered by the Chapter.

7.6 A person not in good standing may not vote at any meeting of the Association or a chapter.

7.7 There shall be the following classes of members:

7.7.1 Junior Members (silver) - those who are under the age of fifty years, but who have turned forty.

7.7.2 Senior Members (gold) - those who have attained the age of fifty years.

7.7.3 Platinum Members - those who have attained the age of seventy years and who are still active, and such members shall not be liable for membership fees.

7.8 The Chapter shall maintain a register of members.