Ulysses East Rand

Ulysses East Rand (UER)

Ulysses East Rand Members 2017 (those present at our first Church Meeting).

About Us

The sole purpose of the Ulysses SA East Rand is to Operate a family orientated bike fraternity, (basically a family styled bike club) for riders older than 40. Based on the principle that family comes first, work second and the chapter third.

Riders wishing to join us who are younger than 40 years of age will be accommodated within our Achilles Chapter. They will receive all of the normal patches with the exception of the “Old Bugger”. Instead they will receive the Achilles patch as depicted below.

This enables us to accommodate children of existing members and members joining with children who also ride.

For all intents and purposes Achilles members operate within the same Ulysses SA East Rand Charter and are expected to abide by the Ulysses SA National Charter as a matter of course.

We support and promote the National Constitution of Ulysses SA in terms of the Objectives (section 4 of the Constitution): –

  1. To provide a forum for like-minded motorcycling enthusiasts, aged forty years and over.
  2. To encourage Ulysseans to continue motorcycling as they get older. And where possible extend this to include younger members of their family.
  3. To stimulate interest in motorcycling and associated activities among motorcycle riders, enthusiasts and general public
  4. To represent the interests of its members.
  5. To promote friendship and camaraderie amongst its members.
  6. To promote relationships and activities with club members from other chapters.
  7. To promote international contact and co-operation with similar Ulysses motorcycling bodies.

What Ulysses SA East Rand do not expect:-

  1. You to ride every week. (We realise that you have a life outside of biking and probably Children, Grandchildren and maybe even play golf!).
  2. You to undergo some form of initiation process for months on end before becoming a full member. If you are a good fit in our group we will patch you into our little family at the regular club meetings.
  3. You to become the “Property of…….” We recognise equality (and we know the boss normally wears a skirt!).

What Ulysses SA East Rand do expect:-

  1. That once patched (awarded colours and completed the necessary forms and fees etc.), you wear our colours with pride whenever you are out on your bike.
  2. That you behave responsibly while wearing our patch and do not bring us into disrepute.
  3. You try and attend club meetings, mainly because this is where we make decisions by consensus. Majority rules.

The ethos of the Ulysses SA East Rand is to offer group breakfast riding every Sunday to members, friends and prospective members. Also an occasional organised weekend away ride(s) for members as tabled from time to time.

The Ulysses SA East Rand members subscribe to the National Constitution of Ulysses SA, matters relating directly to the Chapter are catered for in the formally agreed Ulysses SA East Rand Charter dated 1st August 2016 and is available here.

Ulysses SA East Rand members meet at Bimbos Northmead each Sunday leaving at 08h30 – members are encouraged to arrive earlier (07h30 onwards) to allow for members interactions and briefing on the proposed breakfast destination(s) and routes(s).

A traditional monthly short run is tabled on the first Sunday of the month to a suitable venue and continuing to the Classic Bike Club of SA, Germiston (old Eskom sports club site).

Generally longer ride(s) are planned towards the end of the month i.e. third Sunday.

Should additional monies or funds be required for special reasons or activities undertaken within the Chapter by club members i.e. weekend away rides, charcoal at braais, etc, these will be negotiated at the regular meetings.

Ulysses SA East Rand currently meets for formal outcomes by arrangement, meetings are held at the President’s Lapa in Alberton every 5 to 6 weeks dependant on the needs of the club members.

Regular communication within the members is encouraged and a weekly newsletter detailing the previous week’s run, along with email communications within the club membership, the use of latest social media facilities is also available at the members discretion (WhatsApp / Facebook / etc.) Ulysses East rand have Face Book page and a WhatsApp channel.

Potential new members need to ride with us on a couple of breakfast runs before requesting membership. This practise is encouraged reciprocally, to establish rider and group acceptance, before joining.

Please contact the President/Vice or Treasurer for more details or refer to our latest newsletter which will detail where we are headed to over the next few weeks.

The UER Charter

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