Ulysses Centurion

Date Established

The Centurion Chapter was established on 23 August 2006.


Ulysses Centurion Camping Weekend
Koro Koro Safari Lodge

23 – 25 March 2018

We are not only bikers but we also love camping! This was very obvious when we took the road to Bela Bela on a very wet and cold Friday to go camping. We were welcomed by the friendly hosts and the first sun rays in days; and that is when we knew this weekend can only get better.

After everyone was settled in, we gathered around the campfire. Whether it was the welcoming mampoer shot, chocolate tequila or the flaming fires we couldn’t feel the cold. While the meat was sizzling on the braai the girls made sure that there was enough sides to feed the crowd. What a great atmosphere with jokes and laughter echoing through the Bushveld. A fairly early night was up to prepare physiologically for the Potjiekos competition of the following day.

Ulysses Centurion Potjie kos team 1 Ulysses Centurion Potjie kos team 2 Ulysses Centurion Potjie kos team 3

A sunny Saturday morning greeted us with coffee and rusks, followed by the old camping tradition of having a brunch while a few late comers were busy nestling in. After brunch everyone was divided into their Potjiekos teams and was let loose with boxes of “arts and crafts”. The GROOT TREK 1835 - 1840 has started and the judging team left to do the set up. Team members started working on their decorations, emblems and anything they could think of to get their hands on one of the trophies. Some even had to buy beer from the bar to make use of the empty beer cans.

At lunch time the teams received their pre-selected meat and the pantry was opened. A vast variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and condiments were available and it looked like Farmers Market on a Saturday with everyone trying to outwit the other getting the best possible ingredients for their Potjie. Cheating was allowed and that opened a can of worms. There was a “guard” at every pot but once in a while they took their eyes off it and was bombarded with a chilli. What a saucy business – Worcestershire sauce was hidden and Tobasco sauce “accidently” added.

The hall was filled with fun and laughter while busy with chopping, pealing, frying, stirring, drinking and decorating. We discovered artists amongst us - the Green team’s Koro koro drawing and woodwork, the Blue team’s vegetable arrangement, the White team had very unique drawings that included the Ulysses emblem and the Red team made an oxwagen from beer cans. What a way to get to know your fellow bikers and form new friendships. Our ball skills were also tested with a game of Bolé, not the easiest task to aim with a few “strafdoppe” in your system and Voortrekker attire. At 7 the score cards were handed out and teams made their last attempt on getting some extra points.

“Hilda” from the Green team entertained us with her 7 scarves, the Blue team put a twist on “Een aand op ‘n trein na Pretoria”, the Red team, alias the Front Pullers speech is still forgotten and the White team tried very unsuccessfully to explain their drawings and how the Groot Trek ties in with Ulysses. “Frikkie and his girls” kept a close eye on all the moves, and awarded pointless points where needed.

We dished up the 4 types of Potjies; Curry Beef, Gluten/Onion and garlic free Beef, Chicken and Curry Lamb accompanied by a selection of samp, rice, potbread and salad. What a close call but at the end the White team won the best Pot with their Chicken Potjie, the Red team won the best team spirit and Cariena was crowned Mrs Potjie. The night ended on a high note! Good things always come to an end and on Sunday morning we all had to pack up and part our ways.

This weekend was definitely a great highlight for Ulysses Centurion and will now become one of our annual events – we are looking forward to Camping with Ulysses Centurion 2019!