ULYSSES Motorcycle Association of South Africa

The Ulysses Motorcycle Association of South Africa offers opportunities for over forty year olds to get out there and show the world that we still have what it takes to enjoy the excitement that awaits every skilled rider and would be rider to show that we aren't ready to lay back and watch the weeds grow and then look back and wonder "could I have done better".

No, for us it is the open road and the friendship that comes with the great companionship of many others who wish to enjoy the biking way of life.

The founder

The Ulysses Club was formed by Stephen Dearnley, a self-confessed motorcycle fanatic who came to Australia from Britain in 1947 after going through the hell of World War Two. His aim was to create a movement that encouraged older people to get out and enjoy life in their later years.

The movement has grown from 5 to more than 20,000 members across Australia.

Stephen Dearnley's wife, Jo, died in 1996 after a long battle with rheumatoid arthritis. That's why the Ulysses Club's major charitible beneficiary is the Arthritis Foundation of Australia.

Stephen Dearnley died on 11 February, 2012 at the age of 90.

Stephen Dearnley - 27 November 1922 to 11 February 2012 Official logo of Ulysses SA

Ulysses Logo

Click to download the policy on the use of the Ulysses SA logo published February 2011.

The name

The name comes from a poem of the same title by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It tells how the great Greek hero Ulysses, now middle-aged and securely in charge of his kingdom of Ithaca, is getting bored with things around him and longs to go adventuring again with his shipmates of old.

National Committee

  • Mauritius Meiring President
  • Vernon de la Rey Vice President
  • Leon Roux Treasurer
  • Mark-Lee Gericke Secretary
  • Julian Middleton Administrator

National Constitution

Download the National Constitution of Ulysses SA as revised and accepted at the AGM held on 07 May 2014.


2015 National Rally

The 2015 National Rally will be held at the Klein Kariba resort in Bela Bela (GPS 24°53'04.9"S 28°17'37.7"E) over the weekend of the 7th or 8th to 10th May 2015. The resort has made an option available for the night of Thursday 7th May for those who would like to spend an extra night. Accommodation availability has been sent to all chapters. → more